In the News: Springbone Kitchen Is Opening in FiDi

••• “Coming soon to the corner of Pearl Street and Coenties Slip: Springbone Kitchen. ‘Our menu is made up almost entirely of organic vegetables, fruits and 100% free-range/grass-fed meats.’ This is their first expansion store from their original location in the Village.” —FiDi Fan Page

••• WNYC has a four-minute segment on “The Fall of Washington Market.”

••• “The grand Georgian-style Carey Ludlow mansion overlooked Battery Park. Its regally outfitted 26 rooms later became an Irish boarding house, razed in 1874.” —Daytonian in Manhattan

••• “On a good day, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot or two wheels is a harrowing ballet [Weird word choice. —Ed.] of tourist-dodging and angry cyclist fist-shaking. On Saturday, the bridge that usually sees 10,000 pedestrians and 5,000 cyclists a day was so crowded it had to be closed.” —Gothamist