Seen & Heard: The Tribeca Party

••• Did you get invited to The Tribeca Party? Me neither, although “all Tribecans” are welcome (as long as they can pay $120 per ticket).


Join us for the first annual Tribeca Party, a community event to give all Tribecans an excuse to catch up with old acquaintances, make new ones, and have a good time in the dark depths of January.

Please purchase tickets in advance. Tickets are limited by the space we have at Thalassa. The event will have bites, dessert, and open bar. All excess proceeds from ticket sales will go to fund a neighborhood charity.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

– Mike, Len, Tracie, Amar, Rachel, and Henley

••• P. sent in a photo of the signage at 17 Jay that Jane noticed last week. I still think it’s unlikely to actually be what it says.

••• JSM says that Giorgia lingerie store, having recently closed, will be moving in with Stella for a while. Stella, meanwhile, has said that it’s moving to a new location in coming months.

••• The sidewalk shed at 108 Leonard (a.k.a. 346 Broadway) is coming down “after 17 years,” says the reader who sent in this photo. I don’t know whether that’s accurate, but it has certainly been a long, long time. Might Catherine Lane finally see daylight? UPDATE 1/8: “Sidewalk shed seems to be not coming down after all,” says the same reader. “In fact, they added scaffold to the southern wall and appear to finally be doing work on the building that faces the alley. We’ll have to wait even longer….”

••• “Looks like the old Ricky’s on Broadway is going to be a karate studio,” says M. Sure enough, the website for T. Kang Taekwondo, currently at 85 Worth, says that it’s opening today at 375 Broadway.

••• Two updates from K.: 1) “Looks like 55 Broadway [a.k.a. One Exchange Plaza], instead of fixing the escalators and akimbo plaza lights, has decided to build a wall! Today they were painting plywood block and hammering anchors in the scaffolding—is it silly to hope it’s a sign of repair instead of continued neglect?!” 2) “I heard that the offering document for the sponsor’s large chunk of units at 99 Battery Place has been approved.” That’s the building known as Liberty View. I don’t know that I knew it was being converted.



  1. The shed looks like it was up at least on Leonard Street in 1999, but not Broadway or Lafayette St or Catherine Lane.

    “Leonard Street between Lafayette Street and Broadway (south side)”


    Stone, Dylan, 1967-

  2. Starbucks on Church Street that opened recently will be closing at end of January. Not enough business. Too bad 2 surrounding Starbucks are always crowded & slow!

  3. Oh goodie! Another business to add to your list Erik.

  4. giorgia has a new home.
    We are thrilled that giorgia has returned to TriBeCa at 184 Duane Street in collaboration with our friends at Stella.
    Swing by to say hello and explore new SS19 collections.