Seen & Heard: Park Place Demolition

••• Thank to P. for a dramatic photo of the ongoing demolition at 21 Park Place. Looks like they took a bit of 23 Park Place with them.

••• A rendering posted by the brokers for 440 Washington made me laugh: Anyone who has ridden a bike on cobblestones knows what that poor woman is feeling. Or maybe the cloud of autumnal leaves cushions her way.

••• It was a year ago yesterday that mudslides decimated much of Montecito, Calif.; the community commemorated the event with a “Tribute in Light” of its own.

••• Opening tomorrow at Bortolami: Lena Hanke’s Germanic Artifacts. “In the belly of the gallery there is an over-sized Germanic boar with stout legs. The animal has been meticulously sculpted by Henke and dyed purple. The UR Mutter (mother of origin), whose udders hang low, cocks an ample rear towards her snout to form an arc with her body. Among the first animals to be domesticated by Die Germanen, the boar is an unexpected but fierce, intelligent protector. Henke has cast a second boar in chainmail, using UR Mutter as the mother mold to get the shape. The resting Wildschweinlays in death, like a ghost or hollowed out link to the past.”

••• Also opening tomorrow, at Sapar Contemporary: Beyond Fragmentation: Contemporary Collage from Central Asia, with work by Yelena and Viktor Vorobyev, Vyacheslav Akhunov, Alexander Ugay, Saule Dyussenbina, and Bakhyt Bubikanova. Below: Saule Dyussenbina’s “Self-Portrait.”