In the News: Souen Restaurant Is Closing

••• Soho’s “Souen, one of the city’s original health-food restaurants, [is] set to shutter before the end of the month.” —Grub Street

••• “A second Aire Ancient Baths is expected to open on the Upper East Side later this year.” —New York Post

••• “In a collaboration with Josep Puig of Bielo, a young brand from the Spanish knitwear giant Parrillus, [La Garçonne‘s Kris] Kim has designed a capsule collection of 10 minimalist pieces. There are pleated A-line skirts, color-blocked sweaters in Peruvian Pima cotton, and a lightweight knit jacket in bubble-gum pink.” —New York Times

••• 99% Invisible has a podcast about Cortlandt Alley, in particular, its history and how it’s popular for film shoots. The video at the end is a supercut of scenes from various movies, TV shows, and music videos.



  1. Sad news about Souen. I liked that place, good solid healthy food, reasonable prices. It always seemed busy/successful.

  2. Until, I believe, they got a “C” on their health rating. You have to work for that.