In the News: Candy Controversy

••• “The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey has decided to remove from the World Trade Center plaza an exhibit of public art that aroused indignation among right wing pundits because it included an image of the flag of Saudi Arabia.” Not because of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, but because it’s a Muslim nation’s flag at the World Trade Center. (Above: One of the sculptures as seen in a PANYNJ photo taken at the Port Authority bus terminal.) —Broadsheet

••• According to TradedNY, In Joo Kim bought 75 Warren for $13 million.

••• “The subsidized cost to taxpayers for each NYC Ferry ride hit $10 last year, dramatically higher than the $6.60 officials had initially claimed, the de Blasio administration admitted Monday.” —New York Post

••• “The Last of Manhattan’s Original Video Arcades: Chinatown Fair, which opened on Mott Street in the 1940s, has survived generations of gaming innovation, new players and rising rents in New York.” —New York Times