In the News: a celebration of carbs at Bubby’s

If you are right now staring down a bagel, this video from The New Yorker will push you over the edge. In the “eat more carbs” department, Ron Silver, the owner of Bubby’s Tribeca, expounds on the beauty of bread and the history of his sourdough. “It’s fundamental to human existence,” he says in this video, which is part of the latest installment in the New Yorker’s Annals of Obsession series. Bubby’s sourdough culture came from the Klondike in Canada in 1896. New Yorker food critic Hannah Goldfield hosts the video, and in celebration of the sourdough culture, reflects: “It’s incredible to think you are eating something that is alive, and that has been alive longer than you have.” See Helen Rosner’s story here.


Taylor Swift won a lawsuit against her broker, who claimed she stiffed him his fee when she bought 153 Franklin for $18 million (that’s a $1.08 million fee, in case you were wondering). –The New York Post


For those of you of a certain age (ahem) the film festival will be honoring two classics: This is Spinal Tap and Reality Bites. –The Daily News


Architect Robert Garneau created a built-in guest room in an 1,800-square-foot Tribeca loft for a family of five, “so the grandparents could come for extended visits and still allow the children room to play. The folding wall he designed has two large panels that pivot outward to create a sleeping area with a Murphy bed, shelving and night stands, offering overnight guests storage and privacy. An integrated closet with drawers and hanging space provides room to unpack.” See the story in the Times about the beauty of built-ins, even some that do what all New Yorker’s fantasize about: adding another room.

Lantern Project with its pair of 8ft by 8ft wall panels unfolding to create a temporary guest room.

Lantern Project overnight guest room with small closet shelving, drawers and hanging rod. Additional storage above for suitcases.

Lantern Project overnight guest room with pull down bed, headboard shelving and side niche.




  1. He is “Chef / Owner Ron Silver,” not Silva!

  2. Shame on you Taylor – this Mom is disappointed. The broker got your “people” into the building and sent your team blueprints. That is subsatitive contact. What would it hurt you $ wise to respect the work the broker did do and the seller’s broker or the seller direct would have to share? It didn’t come out of your pocket. On top of it you spent all that $ to sue…That ain’t cool.
    TriBeCa Mom and Hard Working RE Broker

    PS You WAY OVER paid for that building BTW..unless you get your curb cut!