In the News: More galleries for the neighborhood

From Art News: “Denny Dimin Gallery, which has been located on New York’s Lower East Side since 2013, is moving to a new space in Tribeca this spring. The new site, at 39 Lispenard, will be down the street from the future homes of Andrew Kreps Gallery and Canada, who are leaving Chelsea and the L.E.S., respectively for the area.”

For anyone who is as mystified by a cashier-less store as I am, Adweek has a Q&A with Dirty Lemon founder Zak Normandin, whose shop The Drug Store is at 293 Church St. The summary? He says he has between 5 and 10 percent (the average “inventory shrink” for companies nationwide is about 1.5 percent, but only half of that is from theft by outsiders) theft each month, and that the monthly sales cover the rent. (Money magazine reports that the average “inventory shrink” for companies nationwide is about 1.5 percent, but only half of that is from theft by outsiders.) He said it’s been so successful that he’s expanding to Hudson Yards, as well as Miami and LA. “The Drug Store retail strategy is focused on long-term community building and the natural social sharing that occurs from these experiences, which is why the stores are permanent,” Normandin said. “We’ll also utilize the pop-up model for one-off brand experiences to launch products. For example, Dirty Lemon will host a pop-up in New York City on Valentine’s Day surrounding a new product launch.”

From Crain’s: City Winery, which is being evicted from its space by Disney, has yet to find space that will accommodate its design. The restaurant and music venue must relocate by Jan. 1 of next year.

If you are willing to travel for new playgrounds, there’s this to look forward to at The Battery. –The Broadsheet



  1. From Michael Dorf re: City Winery:

    Dear Friends,

    I wanted to start out by saying Happy New Year and take this opportunity to catch you up on some exciting City Winery news. First off, as some of you may already know, our City Winery New York is moving into a new location which we will announce very soon. The final details are being worked out, but our new flagship location will be everything we have ever dreamed of in New York City creating what we believe will be the greatest venue and urban winery in the world. We are taking all that we have learned in our 10 years as City Winery and bringing it together. We are raising the bar on what a 350-seat concert venue can be, complete with spectacular private event spaces, world-class kitchen facilities and urban winemaking. In addition to this, everyone is going to get very excited about the location…it’s incredible!

    We are building two new locations this year, a full City Winery location in the heart of Philadelphia and our first rural City Winery in the Hudson Valley, about 75 minutes North of Manhattan. This upstate facility is a 22-acre almost two century old “knitting factory” with buildings we are turning from a 130-year old mill into a winery and event space and outdoor junkyards into vineyards. This hub of our East Coast winemaking will be the perfect place for outdoor weddings, events, and we will be growing our veggies to bring back to the City. The location is also 100% net power neutral as it has a hydro-electric plant and we are adding solar to support all our operations. We continue to strive to reduce our carbon footprint and support our local communities.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention that our locations in Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta and recent openings in Boston and Washington DC are all doing really well we are so thrilled to have extended our City Winery family welcoming new VinoFiles from all over the country. While growth continues to happen in our future, we can hardly contain our excitement about our NYC move, as it is my home. After 10 years of tremendous learning and understanding both our customers and our performing artists, we can’t wait to provide the ultimate home for both—a cozy state-of-the-art facility to indulge the senses. Stay Tuned…

    Michael Dorf

    • Glad to hear the positive developments for City Winery!
      Can’t wait to hear more about the new venue.

      Best wishes for success in all the locations.

  2. Andrew Kreps is moving to 22 Cortland Alley, not Lispenard.