What’s happening at 86 Warren?

The parking lot on the north side of Warren just east of Gee Whiz is a parking lot no more, poised instead for the next (smallish) development on the block. An hour after I snapped this pic, a fence was in place closing off the lot (so much for those stickball plans). Permits were filed with the DOB last week for a work plan by BKSK Architects, who have several projects in the neighborhood including 456 Washington, 114 Hudson, 77 Reade and 138 Reade (see pics below).

The site is listed in DOB records as owned by Allan Goldman, a member of the family that owns Solil Management, whose 400 city properties add up to at least $12 billion according to Forbes. “That’s enough to make the Goldmans America’s richest real estate family, and to rank them 16th among the country’s richest families – ahead of the clan that created Budweiser and the heirs of banking scion Andrew Mellon. Youngest daughter Jane, who oversees Solil’s daily operations, is the only female billionaire running a real estate portfolio.”