Construction update part one: Warren Street

The Department of Design and Construction is in the final stretch of its 2.5-year project on Warren Street. The construction, which reaches from West to Broadway on Warren, as well as from Chambers to Murray on Church, West Broadway and Greenwich streets, will wrap up by August 2019 and is on schedule. (There have not been any major delays so far, according to DDC.)

Once it’s all finished, Warren Street will be a virgin: brand new water mains, gas mains, street lighting, sewers and catch basins – and a new concrete-based roadbed and new curbs along the whole street from West Street to Bway. On the avenues, most of the upgrades are for gas mains and electrical, all done by ConEd.

It certainly seems it may get worse before it gets better (this weekend was insane! See pic above). But seems like the end is in sight.

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  1. If only I could believe an August completion is true. So far, in the 6 weeks or so since construction began on Warren Street between Church and Broadway, the WarrenJohnCCL weekly newsletter predicted work would begin when it didn’t until a week later, and twice that there wouldn’t be work and there was; e.g. this week. These faulty work forecasts, and the normal delays of any construction work, does not bode well for timely completion. Nor for the relationship of the project with residents. Thanks for your continuing coverage.

  2. “there have not been any major delays so far” according to DDC.
    what a complete outright lie.
    nobody ever said it would take 2.5 years.
    can you imagine what the businesses must be going through for the past 2.5 years.
    lets not remember the project is not done and there is no timeframe to get it done.
    this is an outright lie.

    • It could be worse, at least it’s not Worth street. That project is a mess and has been ruining the neighborhood for over 3 years now. Anyone know when expected completion is there?

  3. I have an email from Angela saying that the work will be completed by March, now the date is august and the article has the audacity to say there were no majaor delays?
    what a sham.

  4. Guaranteed, it’s ripped up again by Spring 2020.
    enjoy! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. As annoying as it is, if it ends this year, the overall project isn’t taking as long as I had expected. I was afraid it would turn out like Worth street which feels like it’s been under some sort of construction for 10 years.

  6. At least the massive amount of steam leaking at the junction of Warren and Greenwich outside Whole Foods has been fixed now. That was borderline dangerous for a few weeks, obstructing the view of traffic.

  7. Will the rats go too in August? It’s a horror movie around here.

  8. Sounds similar to the bogardus construction on Reade / chambers which is almost into its 3rd year

  9. Speaking of the Bogardus park construction: why is there even going to be a park on the tiny stretch of road between Chambers and Reade streets?!
    I’m as much for green spaces as the next resident. However, Tribeca has already been blessed by more than its share of parks, including Duane Street park and Washington Market Park, both a block away from Bogardus – not to mention a beautiful river front esplanade etc.
    In addition to the never ending construction, which makes our neighborhood look like downtown Kabul on a good day, the traffic pileup between West and Broadway streets on all roadways in both directions is absolutely stifling to driver and pedestrian alike. One of the main causes outside of construction: drivers exiting West Street cannot turn uptown for three blocks because access to Hudson Street and points north is not possible until they reach Church. The reopening of Hudson between Chambers and Reade would take a tremendous amount of pressure off the gridlock that affects all eastbound traffic flow on Chambers, Warren and Park streets. The tiny park will be lovely, but it’s not necessary at all.

  10. I cannot understand why they have not rerouted city buses away from Warren. They barely make it through the single lane that is open, and clog up traffic trying to make the turn from Church onto Warren. Traffic is often at a standstill, making it impossible for emergency vehicles to get through – which is of course dangerous and very scary, but also creates near-constant sirens blaring through the day.

  11. Wow! I flew to NYC to look at apartments in TriBeCa and this information which you are sharing is amazing. Especially since one of the units we were looking is on Warren Street. Thank you all!!!!

  12. Sad news:
    At the corner of Warren and West Broadway, dozens of rats are
    living and breeding in the jumbled pile of water and gas line pipes, construction debris etc. at the DDC fenced site.
    The rats seem to have an endless supply of food, feasting on the trash bags put out by Le Pain Quotidien each night.
    Hoping calls to 311 will result in placing bait boxes at the site….