The sun comes out on Warren Street

The sidewalk bridge that has covered the south side of Warren Street from West Street almost to Greenwich is coming down today after FOUR years. K. tipped me off, and management at 101 Warren confirmed that the removal is permanent — or at least until there is another problem with the facade (hopefully that will not be the case). The scaffold went up on Memorial Day weekend in 2015. Dozens of babies in the neighborhood have been born since then and some toddlers may not recognize their front door. And now we will all have to remember to bring an umbrella when heading to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I wouldn’t mind checking status on other “temporary” sidewalk bridges in the neighborhood — such as the one on the north side of Warren at Broadway. Comment if you have another one in mind.



  1. On my first walk down the ‘uncovered’ street in 5 years, I encountered a resident of the building it protected, marveling at the openness and view of blue sky from the sidewalk. The construction fences and glass towers are making our streets clostrophobic enough, while safety comes first, let’s hope that these bridges truly stay within the definition of ‘tempoarafy’ (though I don’t actually know what that definition is according to the DOB or whomever oversees these things).

    Here’s to my and my neighnors’ brighter and lighter walk home each evening!

  2. The blue sidewalk shed at 23 Warren, on the south side of Warren between Church and Broadway taking up nearly half the block, has been there for 10 years at least. There does finally seem to be work going on above near the corner, which started within the last few months. Now, adding to the construction sidewalk shed on the opposite corner, in addition to the street being dug up to replace aging pipes, it is an ugly mess. We on our block would like to know what the plan is for that sidewalk shed.
    Will it ever be taken down?

  3. When will the sidewalk awning of 23 Warren be removed. It has been there at least 10 years!!

  4. A lot of sidewalk sheds stay up for years because landlords don’t want to pay for facade safety improvements, especially if the building has an expensive facade to repair due to landmark status or old materials. It’s cheaper to just leave the shed in place, especially since there’s no penalty from the City whatsoever for leaving them there.

    It would be a good issue for a council member to pick up.

  5. We just got a sidewalk bridge put up around 101 Leonard due to some unclear facade issue.