In the News: Man stabbed on Greenwich and Reade

The Citizen app reported last night that a man was stabbed in the leg last night on Greenwich Street at Reade during a robbery. The crime was reported at just about 9 p.m. The Post and the Trib had the story this morning. The victim’s injuries were not life-threatening. Officers had the area staked out last night; the app has a video of the police activity. Comment if you are a regular user of Citizen, and if you find it to be reliable (and useful).



  1. Not to nitpick since the Citizen app screenshot says Reade, but the Trib story directly cites the location as Jay near Greenwich while the Post story doesn’t specify the location but the photo shows the Jay / Greenwich intersection.

  2. I took the dog out last night around 12:30AM and they had “scene of the crime” tape right under the shed that was just put up at Jay and Greenwich — alongside the carpet store. Odd because 9pm is still fairly early with people eating at Sarabeth’s and the street shed is well lit.

  3. i use the citizen app and find it extremely accurate. all my friends use it also. they frequently have info on the app that it takes TV news hours to get to.

  4. Retail has and continues to vanish on Greenwich Street, making the area more crime-prone. Best Market, which was open to 11:00 p.m. vanished suddenly, darkening a formerly well lit swath of Greenwich. And now, the businesses a half a block down Greenwich are slated to close — the pet store, the eyeglass store and the liquor store — because the building has reportedly been sold. Greenwich is soon to be a darkened ghost town where residents should have second thoughts about walking after dark.

    • I totally agree. Once the stores close on Greenwich across from the darkness of the old Best Market we are in trouble. The First Precent does not patrol the area well. Muggers paradise. Its so sad.

  5. The incident occurred on Jay St at Greenwich but the victim left the scene and was found by police on Greenwich near Reade.

  6. With crime coming into our upscale neighborhood, I guess all of the younger crowd with their eyes focused on their smart phones, will actually have to look up once in a while to see what’s going on around them!