In the News: Tracking the Tribeca gallery district

The Wall Street Journal tunes into the “new old SoHo” that is taking shape in the northeast corner of the district. Here’s hoping the acronym doesn’t take hold: “A wave of galleries has opened in the past few years in the northeast portion of Tribeca, an area roughly bordered by Lispenard Street to the north and Leonard Street to the south. Jonathan Travis, a real-estate agent who specializes in gallery spaces citywide, has dubbed it NeTA, which is short for Northeast Tribeca Arts.” Tribeca Arts & Culture Night maps the galleries out during its seasonal tours; the next one is scheduled for March 7.


Harvey Weinstein’s third-floor, 6,000-square-foot space at 375 Greenwich St. at Franklin — formerly home to the casting couch at the forefront of #MeToo claims — is in contract to be sold to real estate developer Cape Advisors, The Post reports.


The Real Deal reports that the Manhattan luxury market had its worst January since 2012.


FiDi gets a shout-out in a study by StreetEasy that found that living single is an expensive proposition. This did not sound like rocket science to me, but here’s another layer of analysis from the Forbes story: “Single New Yorkers like to spice up their lives by residing in the hottest neighborhoods, which conveniently have the highest inventory of studios and one-bedrooms, but are also the most expensive, according to StreetEasy. The average rents in the neighborhoods with the most studios and one-bedrooms cost up to 54% more than the citywide median of $2,600, the site reported.”



  1. “spice up their lives” is a euphemism for “look for a rich spouse” :-)

    • Sort of sexist comment

      • I don’t know if it’s accurate, but it doesn’t necessarily seem sexist; surely that somewhat pragmatically unromantic goal can be pursued by men or women…

        I don’t recommend $ as a basis for lasting love, however.

        (Caveat: I am not an actual marriage counselor; I just play one on TV. Therefore my advice should not be taken as actual advice.)