Loft Peeping: Mantiques at the Grabler Building

They had me at private parking spot. Though, I do love this building (a landmark built in 1896), and hope Tom Miller will do a post on it soon. For sale: a 4,000-square-foot three-bed, 2.5-bath loft with a steel catwalk and tons of exposed stuff: bricks, ducts, cast-iron columns, wood beams, pipes, you name it. Some special features:
* The great room and kitchen are 58 feet long
* The billiards and media rooms sit on a raised metal platform metal grating and the media room is enclosed in glass
* The toilet is in a water closet (love that)
* There are two soaking tubs; one is built for two

Current owner Cory Margolis bought it 10 years ago for $1.8 million. It should come as no surprise, after checking out the decor, that Margolis owns Mantiques Modern, a vintage accessories and design gallery in Chelsea.

It’s on sale for $5.75 million. Make sure the skull comes with. The apartment is being sold by Ryan Serhant and Chase Landow at Nest Seekers. These photos are by Evan Joseph.



  1. This has to be the ugliest apartment I have ever seen. They should not be showing it with the owner’s furniture. Or is this a set up by the realtor. If so he/she should be fired!!!

  2. I don’t think there’s more than one window shown in this entire batch of photos. Does this apartment get any light? Does it have any windows? That would be my first concern. The space is great…but you know lofts, sometimes it’s all space with no light.