Two-fam house planned on Harrison

18 Harrison is being converted to a two-family house with the addition of a sixth floor and a commercial space on the first floor and basement. This is the cute little brick building on the midblock of Harrison between Greenwich and Hudson, north side. Since the building is in the Tribeca West historic district, the app went to the Landmarks Committee at CB1.

The materials will be brick and limestone, with the windows, entrance and cornices painted in lichen (F&B lichen 19 if you are into that sort of thing) with the roof addition in Corten steel paneling. There’s also a greenhouse window planned for the 6th floor, and it looks like a couple roof decks could be available on the front and rear setbacks.

This was in The Post three years ago in March 2016: “A company affiliated with Italian design firm WP Lavori has bought [18 Harrison] for $7.925 million and plans to renovate it for likely fashion-related use. […] WP Lavori recently opened its first US store on Smith Street in Brooklyn. It is licensed to design, produce and distribute several apparel lines including American outdoor apparel brand Woolrich. Although WP Lavori founder and president Cristina Calori is said to be a principal of the purchasing company, it was not immediately known exactly how 18 Harrison would be used.”

Since then, city records show a $10 million mortgage taken in January of 2017.


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