In the News: Crushing the competition with $$$

Tribeca’s own 10007 came in number 5 on Bloomberg’s annual richest zip code list, leapfrogging 17 places over Short Hills and Boca Grande, and earning a place in history: the first time a Manhattan zip code busted into the top 20. Bloomberg studied tax returns to come up with this whopper: the average income here is $879,000. (see below for the methodology)

Downtown swiped a few spots in the top 100: Fidi made the list, with 10005 coming in at number 34; 10013 came in at 72; and Battery Park City zip 10282 came in at number 36. (If you’ve got a Bloomberg terminal handy, comment with the average income of those other zips!) Also on that list: 10022 in Midtown East, 10069 on the Upper West Side and 10021 on the Upper East Side. (S. notes that the story has brokers going toe-to-toe in the mythical battle between 10007 and 10013 fiefdoms.)

Miami’s Fisher Island took number 1: the richest spot in the country has $2.2 million in average annual income. (Squad goals.)
Darren Sukenik, director of luxury sales at Douglas Elliman, described it to Bloomberg this way: “It’s very subtle wealth. You don’t know who is behind which door in Tribeca. It’s not like Park Avenue or Madison Avenue. There’s not a Ferrari sitting outside.”

For the record, the methodology: “Bloomberg evaluated zip codes with at least 200 tax returns, as of the 2016 filing season and 500 housing units per latest Census survey, to extract the 300 zip codes with the highest average adjusted gross income. More than 22,000 zip codes met the criteria to be ranked.”



  1. Yea but Boca Grand has: an amazing beach, a toll bridge keeping the riffraff out, 50% less taxes/cost of living, and no Diblasio pounding residents with back door costs/ taxes. I think we are losing in the end.

  2. You don’t need a Bloomberg terminal to see the average incomes of those other ZIP codes in the top 100, just click through to the article and scroll to the bottom, they are displayed in a table.

  3. Florida – I have an idea..move! You don’t like it leave.
    DiBlasio is hardly a radical Julie. God, I don’t recognize the people living downtown any more.
    NYC wins every time and if you don’t know that you just don’t get it…

    • Respectfully disagree, TG. NYC is in danger of serious regression in quality of life and opportunity. This is a great city and it has unique challenges, but it is being amazingly mismanaged under the leadership of someone who has zero experience managing anything really and yet would rather focus on an even higher office rather than trying to truly help run the city. The city deserves better… much better

      • Agree. Don’t take NYC for granted. It was great in the ’50s and ’60s then imploded in the ’70s after liberal programs led to a complete breakdown of law and order. I grew up here but joined a million other New Yorkers and moved away after the fourth time I was robbed in the street. The current Mayor’s focus is on inequality and people of color. He’s overtly hostile to improving the lives of taxpayers so the same thing could happen again. After Giuliani rescued the City I moved to Lispenard which has become a garbage strewn haven for homeless and drug dealers under Deblasio.