In the News: Taylor Swift has another break-in

Taylor Swift’s stalker broke into her house on Franklin AGAIN – this time ransacking the place, according to Page Six. “Police said he used a ladder to climb the back of the building and then used a concrete block to smash through the glass door. He left a computer tower near the door.” This is the same guy who was sentenced to six months in jail recently for napping there last year.

The owner of Two Hands weighed in on the increasing trend of canines accompanying their humans to city restaurants under the guise of being service dogs in The Post. Since June, restaurant owners are no longer allowed to ask for proof of a disability or proof of a registration for the service animal. “Henry Roberts, co-owner of Tribeca’s Two Hands, says he’s been seeing a lot more hungry hounds in his restaurant since the announcement. ‘There’s really no way of policing this,’ he tells The Post, as he eyes one dog at a table. ‘Now, people walk in with dogs of every shape and size. There’s nothing we can do — it’s a free-for-all.’” And since the story is in The Post, there’s a nice list of celebrities who dine with their dogs as well. I’m the last thing from a germophobe, but it also bums me out to see dogs at Whole Foods…

Eater reports that David Chang’s Fuku Wall Street location “quietly implemented Fuku’s biggest change yet, adding waffle fries, rice and beans, haute mac and cheese, and most importantly, an all-day bone-in fried chicken program. Looks like Chang & co. are preparing, at a very low level, to chip away at the market share of Popeye’s, Bonchon, and the global stalwart that is KFC.”

In the way that none of us ever go to the places that other folks fly 3,000 miles to visit, you may have never made it to Fraunces Tavern. But it is so worth pushing your way through the tourists to get a space at the bar. And now the display of GW’s teeth has gotten a bit of an upgrade —The Broadsheet

YES network broadcaster and BPC resident Sarah Kustok, who covers the Nets, tells The Post about her perfect Sunday, which includes SoulCycle and a burger at the Hideaway.

K. noticed these markings at 56 Leonard, and neither the brokers for the building nor the doorman have any word on the arrival of the Bean. Still, it’s exciting to think about. The doorman noted that the bean will be like the bull – and maybe with those sort of crowds too, suggests the Gothamist.

The Broadsheet writes, “A Lower Manhattan pharmacist has been convicted of a multi-million-dollar Medicaid fraud scheme involving drugs prescribed to treat HIV and AIDS. State Attorney General Leticia James announced that Hin Wong, who operated the New York Pharmacy (located at 131 Walker Street, in Tribeca) had entered a guilty plea to a single count of grand larceny in the first degree, a class “B” felony.”



  1. People shouldn’t have to answer what their specific disability is when asked by any hostess, waiter, or busboy BUT…

    I don’t see why registered service animals shouldn’t have their certification on their collar/harness to ensure they’re legit.

    If they’re not service animals, they don’t belong in restaurants or grocery stores.

  2. Finally I can bring my service crocodile to dinner! Don’t worry. He’s very well-behaved. He has almost never attacked a waiter, although he has been known to swallow cell phones of other diners who spoke a bit too loudly and were interfering with his enjoyment of the meal.

  3. Funny Marcus! So the change in the law explains why I see more and more dogs in Whole Foods. It bothers me as it seems lazy to me. I have a dog and I walk her and then take her home and go out AGAIN to go shopping. It’s not like the dogs are having any fun and some of them aren’t Whole Foods trained…but I guess you could say that about the Dads who lets their toddlers play with the cans and then leave them in the aisles when the kids are finished as well!!

  4. The Taylor Swift break ins are very scary. There are some crazy people out there.

  5. As someone who is visually impaired, this nonsense of people bringing their animals everywhere (restaurants among them) is just absurd. There are people who have legitimate reasons to have a service dog (I do not currently have one.. but one day I may have to)… and these self-absorbed nitwits who bring their pets everywhere as an accessory to their fabulousness should be ashamed. Those animals are not properly trained as service animals and the owners are certainly not properly trained how to use one either. I’m not part of the instant outrage culture that seems to have taken over society…. I’m just taking this opportunity to point out the selfishness of these people should called out & the behavior discouraged.

  6. The change to the service dogs rule is *absurd* – just as you’re required to show a valid handicapped permit to park in a handicapped parking spot, you should have to show a valid service animal permit to bring a service animal into a restaurant.

    Also, some people have very serious allergies to common house pets like dogs. Are those diners supposed to just leave if the table next to them plops down with a big dog? I too am rarely among the easily outraged, but this just takes the cake.