Afternoon edition: Action at Bogardus

The prayer flags at Bogardus Triangle came down today — that’s artist Anne Patterson on the right and her assistant Kina Park — and demolition is set to start NEXT WEEK! on the park. (Thank goodness, since the clock is ticking on RH.) Friends of Bogardus Plaza prez Tory Weil says that in this phase, it is in the contractor’s best interest to get it done on schedule. The only catch is they have yet to look underneath the gated garden — could be something creepy — but barring any trouble there, “we should clip along.” Also:
* the West Broadway sidewalk will be closed for a staging area
* they are no longer working on weekends
* this phase will take eight months or so
* there will be a functioning plaza in December.

There is some bad news: “This is the loud section coming up!” said Tory, an opera singer — though it doesn’t take perfect pitch to hear the sounds of drilling across the whole neighborhood. “We are going to add to it. But now everyone can be prepared for some real activity.”