End of (another) era at Morgan’s

First it was the end of 24-hour service from our corner grocer down here on the south end of the district, and now it’s the hot/cold station. And even though I am in there every other day for my diet coke ration, somehow I missed this, so thanks for the tip from T. Wasn’t able to get a hold of the owner to learn the reasoning; happy to hear theories here, and will update with any info.

It’s hard to remember, but there was a time when not every Korean grocer had a salad bar, which was an idea swiped from what my friend likes to call the “fern bars” of the ’80s. Here’s a snippet from the New York Times archives in May of 1984 (and if you dare, here’s a link to a study the Dining section did of bacteria in deli salad bars):

“Serve-yourself salad bars, featured in restaurant chains since the 1960’s, have now been added to supermarkets and, more recently, to many of the small produce shops owned by Koreans. ‘We have a lot of young professional people in the neighborhood and they don’t like to cook after work,’ said John Lee, who installed an elaborate salad bar about five weeks ago in his store, Han’s Oriental Market, 2150 Broadway, at 76th Street. ‘It’s convenient for them. They are not going to eat a whole broccoli so this way they can buy what they want.'”



  1. No luck to this place. Wed Sept 12th, 2001. The day after the worst day of our lives. The power was out for 24 hours. I bought one loaf of bread, One (not frozen anymore) pizza, one quart of warm milk, one warm orange juice. $35 Cash.
    They riped us off in our drakest hours . I’ve never been back since, nor ever will again.

  2. i been living down there since 92, never shopped there, unless you want to spend triple the amount on anything. Rude people no heart after 911. After Best Market closed i order on Peapod and go to Target and Wholefoods for little things. Its not affordable for the working class. Wish the old days were back when our neighborhood had character. When only starving artiest lived here. Diverse middle income families that Made Tribeca, Tribeca. Money and Greed had taken over. So terrible

  3. their salad bar was never very good. they just don’t have enough business to keep the salad bar fresh. makes sense to close it.

    this place has been here forever. i was in there after 9/11 and i didn’t get ripped off. i give them credit for opening on 9/12. the staff is always very nice and efficient. the sandwiches are good and they keep everything properly refrigerated and covered unlike most delis. the produce is very good. yes, it’s expensive but that’s too be expected when you consider the location and convenience. i hope they never go away.