Loft Peeping: 5 Collister Street

You might recall this townhouse on Collister from the Duane Park Loft Tour a few years ago; I know I do. The foyer really stuck with me. It’s a 4,500-square-foot townhouse that has an entrance right off the second cutest street in the neighborhood (assuming we would all vote for Staple as #1). It has three levels and a garden off the ground floor. It’s on the market for $8.95 million with Tracie Golding and Peter Boehm at Stribling, listed as 7 Hubert. The other townhouse at 7 Hubert was just sold by Alan Wilzig for $12.75 million, after being reduced from an asking price of $44 million, according to The Real Deal. Yes, that’s right.
Some other kind of special features:
* a wet bar with refrigerator drawers
* sunken living room
* you can access The Hubert from the family room downstairs
* a “large private storage cage” (??)
* a lot of marble…




  1. Is this advertising or news? An apartment that has been listed for ages with brokers’ names and listing info feels a lot more like an ad than loft peeping. While I appreciate what you are trying to do, this site now feels like an endless ad for real estate brokers.

    • These listings pop up for me on Google alerts. If it seems like a cool place that I would be interested in as a reader, I run it. It’s their photos so I give them credit. And sure, it gets the brokers publicity, but there is no arrangement here, for the record. Of course, I would be more than happy to take an ad as well…

  2. Looks so claustrophobic! But if those walls could talk people!! The Area was a happening place and some naughty fun was to be had in its day. Sorry but I miss that TriBeCa.

    Lee I think it is a bit unfair to target Pam for this mention. True brokers advertise here but so do other businesses and even some not-for-profits.

    TriBeCa is going to become more and more exclusive but we don’t have to suffer through the interviews with private club executives if we don’t want to…just don’t read the articles that don’t interest you. Brokers are people to!! I think.

  3. Love that you’re doing TC, love the loft peeping. Doesn’t feel like an ad, as ‘Tribeca citizens’ ourselves it’s always interesting to see a cool listing and pictures. Thank you!