Where in Tribeca?

A remnant of Tribeca’s past just around the corner from the jackhammers of Tribeca’s future. And a good reminder to look up once in a while for a treat. Comment below if you know the location.



  1. Hi, this is located at 70 Thomas Street, the old Yarn and cordage warehouse, regards, Sonia

  2. In response to Pam and KV’s question. I am a real estate agent with Douglas Elliman out of 140 Franklin Street. This is my farm land! It has been my home and area of expertise for over a decade plus.. My profession takes me to all parts of our wonderful Tribeca both old and new good and bad. I wish I could say I have a photographic memory but that is not the case. The harder I work at pounding the pavement, the more I remember and observe and perhaps the luckier I get. It’s that simple. I feel certain that others like James who is an incredible authority on Tribeca, Jim Smithers (King of Tribeca knowledge), and Robert Ripps, (notable photographer) find this game interesting too so please keep them coming Pam and keep up the good work! Erik is a tough act to follow but you are in the game! “You have to be in it to win it’, as they say, with regards, Sonia Stock

  3. Not sure how where to post this, but when you click on “more” for more comments, you get a blank page. It’s been like this since the site went down.

  4. Pam, you are correct. The life size poster of my Border Collie dog and myself at the entrance was when it was Food Emporium! Best Market would never allow advertisement…regards, Sonia