In the News: Thieves break into three local businesses

I am way late to this one, but The Trib has a story from Friday about breaks-ins LAST Monday, March 18, at three Tribeca mainstays: Duane Park Patisserie, Terroir (on Harrison) and Greenwich Street Tavern (at the intersection of Beach). That same night, thieves broke into three stores along the stretch of West Broadway between Grand and Spring in Soho: Bonpoint, a children’s clothing store, and the restaurants Ladurée and Felix. The biggest haul from the Tribeca locations was $1,500 from the cash drawer at Duane Park.



  1. This isn’t surprising at all. Our 1 st pre. A coupon of blocks away. They do not patrol our area Chambers is a horror and mugging s and robberies on the rose

  2. Thieves may have stolen my money, but, for me, that selfish act has brought our community closer together.
    thank you to all of you who have come in to chat and bought an extra croissant or cookie or two.
    i am humbled and truly grateful by your sympathy and generosity.
    i love our neighborhood

  3. I never see a cop car unless there is an issue. I guess the days of a visible presence or beat cop are a thing of the past.