Where in Tribeca?

So true! These words kind of settle the argument for me. (Though of course I cannot condone even smart graffiti.) Comment below if you know where they reside (or if you know who scrawled them).



  1. HI Pam, is this on Staple Street between Jay and Harrison Street? regards, Sonia

  2. I think it is #4 Staple Street? regards, Sonia

  3. Its next to the black gate where the vehicles are parked on Staple Street opposite #4 which is my favorite loft in Tribeca! regards, Sonia

  4. I live on Staple Street and it’s a shame that the graffiti is so bad- and ignored by the buildings on Hudson that it defaces the back of (buildings are responsible for the maintenance on the front and back of the buildings)
    I’ve emailed the 1st precinct several times and have never received a reply back. (they have an anti graffiti team now going around Tribeca cleaning things up)
    Cortlandt is immaculate and graffiti free because the buildings maintain the alley properly and pick up the trash.
    Graffiti attracts graffiti (It’s definitely gotten worse) and it just attracts more kids doing drugs.