AKA aka Smyth hotel lobby and bar to open in May

Luxury minimalist (yes, I know) Jennifer Post, whose resume includes residential projects at One 57 and the historic condo The Apthorp on the UWS, designed the new lobby and bar/lounge for the AKA Tribeca, formerly known as the Smyth Hotel. (Has anyone actually made the switch to call it by its real name?) The space will be finished and open to the public in May. Certainly it is no longer the cozy living room it once was; reserving judgement till we can see it in person. This is her first hotel. Post explained her brief to Architectural Digest this way:

“My responsibility is to transform the lounge area and bar area. I wanted it to be sexy, warm, and inviting so people could work for hours or just have a cup of tea. That was the idea of doing all these seating areas and nooks in the space,” says Post. “There’s no branding; it’s supposed to feel like a living room lounge area.”