Signs of spring in Tribeca

F. sent this note (and snap): “Around here we recognize two seasons: the Laughing Man benches out and the Laughing Man benches put away.” And it got me thinking I should see what other signs of spring are out there. Send along any others. Of course, it’s not official for me till Danny is on his corner at Chambers and Greenwich. Other signs of the season: minigolf at Pier 25 will open on sunny Wednesdays through Sundays at Pier 25 starting now, and officially as of April 15; Governor’s Island will start up ferry service on May 1.

The signs spotted below: the folks at Gee Whiz have outdone themselves this time with bunting and Easter baskets hanging from the ceiling; spring merch at My Little Sunshine; what looks like daffs coming up at Duane Park and in pole position at City Hall Park; and these two monkeys who ditched their coats (it wasn’t that warm yesterday) and whose abs of steel kept them in this position for quite a while (don’t try this at home). Also could not resist a plug for 234 and a visual pun. Get it? Signs of spring??



  1. Spring is certainly here! I will try not to be cranky about the Laughing Man outdoor post. A change of attitude! But I do not want them to get any larger…

  2. Sing of spring: Blue Moon Fish will be back at the Tribeca Green Market on Sat., March 30. It will be their 31st year!