New kid (literally) on the Block: Ambassador

Masa Kashihara is 28, a Japanese immigrant by way of Hawaii and a haircutter on the Upper East Side, but most importantly, he’s a guy with a sophisticated eye and smart handle on the Tribeca market. Ambassador, his pop-up store that opened at 49 Warren between West Bway and Church last summer, now has a real lease. And with Korin anchoring the corner, this gives Tribeca its own Little Japan (or as the consultants say, two points make a line).

He carries products that are either made in Japan or made by Japanese artisans here in the city. Either way, it’s merch you have never seen before, which is his thing. “We’re looking for something new,” he said. “Nowadays I see the same stuff everywhere.” So true.

He has baby clothes and monogrammed bags from Ginger Beach Inn; gemstone jewelry from BooKatNYC; bowties packaged in mason jars from Bam Tokyo. The piece de resistance, however, is really special clothes from Blanc Nature that look like they are sized for Marie Kondo, but no matter: the whole line is gorgeous. “It’s really well made — pricey [blouses at $550] but worth it,” says Masa.

He also has fun graphic paintings by Seiji Matsumoto starting at $800, and super cool denim aprons ($80 to $120) from Okayama that seem to be attracting the chefs who stop first at Korin.

As an add-on, and thanks to his clients on the UES, he also has a selection of high-end designer consignment. But the focus is on Japan, hence the name. “We want to be known as the ambassador of the unknown Japanese designers.”

49 Warren
Hours: 11 to 7