In the News: City Winery will move to Pier 57

Crain’s reports that City Winery will take space at Pier 57, the Hudson River Park property and former bus terminal at the end of 15th Street. The pier – a national landmark for its engineering – is being developed by RXR and Youngwoo Associates and will house Google offices as well as public open space and a smallish food court (the original plan was to involve Anthony Bourdain.) Michael Dorf didn’t comment or confirm, but this fits his hint that the new space is within a Citibike ride of Vandam.

Curbed reports that the state received some 250 comments on Howard Hughes’ brownfield application for the site right next to the Peck Slip School.

G. spotted this in Courthouse News Service and had this to say of Tribeca’s “Big Ben” at 108 Leonard: This very unfortunate ruling means that the developers of the Leonard Street clocktower building can continue with their plans, essentially removing the individual landmark designation for the clock and its mechanism with the Landmark Preservation Commission’s blessing. Courthouse News said the ruling “sounded the death knell for one of the world’s last mechanical clocks,” (they now have permission to make it electric).

Don’t ask me why the Minneapolis Star Tribune has a summary of the key items in New York state’s budget plan, but if you only have 90 seconds to think about the budget, this should cover it.



  1. A shame that the Landmarks and Preservation Committee is obsessed with lying, manipulative, political “real estate developers” interests instead of NYC’s architectural icons.

    What a disgusting display of a Democratic fundraisers’ power over politicians in this city.

    • The City itself sold 346 Broadway aka 108 Leonard to these developers for $160 million plus an agreement to maintain public community space in the building. Had they wanted to, the City could have (reduced the sale price and) stipulated that the clock was to remain as it had been. One can hardly blame LPC for this foul-up.

    • “Lying” and “manipulative” – sounds like my condo board.