Seven-story building coming to Lispenard and Church

N. spotted a Yimby report that permits have been filed for a seven-story building at 321 Church Street on the northeast corner of Lispenard and Canal. Peter Matera of Urban Standard Capital is listed as the owner behind the applications, but city records show that John Matera has owned the building since 1979. “The proposed 87-foot-tall development will yield 10,036 square feet, with 9,191 square feet designated for residential space and 845 square feet for commercial use. The building will have five residences, most likely condos based on the average unit scope of 1,838 square feet. The masonry-based structure will also have a cellar and one retail store on the ground floor.” Thanks to J. for coming up with the rendering (that’s the Lispenard side elevation).

So far, the barber at Ilya’s tells me he doesn’t have to leave yet. “I’ve got some time,” he said. But he’ll have move out eventually. This from Terry last June: “The shop has been there for well over the 40 years I have lived in Tribeca and gives a good all-around haircut for a reasonable price. But the building has been sold and will probably be torn down to build a taller building. A fact that is altogether too sad for the disappearing Mom and Pop businesses in our neighborhood.”




  1. At least the rendering shows an architectural style which coheres fairly well with the neighborhood, from what I can tell. A sort of minimalist version of the Second Empire style?

  2. And what about the Mexican Restaurant facing Church St. That has been there like 40 something years with a large plate of yellow rice and black or red beans for $4.00 and all other plates equally tasty and o so reasonable.(plantains,avocado,pork etc)Just what we need another overpriced 5 unit condo with “retail” on the ground floor. Hasn’t the developer noticed that market is slowing?

  3. It looks like it will match like 24 Hubert Street matches, i.e. not at all…

  4. Could I ask that you not use “natch”. It hurts my brain.