Taste of Battery Park City on for this Saturday

Taste of Battery Park City is this weekend — on Saturday, April 13, noon to 3 — and this seemed like a good place and time to say THANK YOU to the restaurants who participate. We all know it’s a huge effort on their part, but I think most of us would agree that there is no more important cause than the schools in this neighborhood. That’s what brought a lot of us down here, and will continue to attract future families as well. So, mark your calendar, get your tickets here, and peruse the list of restaurants below. They will be serving things like lobster rolls, l’oval, truffle mac & cheese, buttermilk chicken sliders and spicy tuna handrolls. Tickets are $30 if you order before Friday; $40 day-of. Location: the marina promenade, rain or shine:
Del Frisco’s
Financier Patisserie
Le District
El Vez
Pick a Bagel
P.J. Clarke’s
Starbucks Reserve Bar
City Vineyard
Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar
Harry’s Italian
Shake Shack
Le Pain Quotidien




  1. School. Not schools.

  2. To be clear, although it is Taste of BPC, PS/IS276 does not benefit from this event and has not been allowed to participate in it.

  3. No River House or Treadwells, two of the closest restaurants to this even. Merchants must be trying to save money still.

  4. To be clear, it doesn’t benefit all schools in our neighborhood- only benefits PS89 not PS/IS276- who is not allowed to participate.

  5. Ldd/Llm – you’ve made it very clear, no need to repeat yourself. And the article does not say it benefits all schools in the neighborhood, it says “there is no more important cause than the schools in this neighborhood.”.

  6. sorry, pressed enter too quickly. I also wanted to add that I’m curious as to why 276 is excluded? Is there a specific reason?

    • Not sure anyone was ever “excluded”. Best to ask PS 89 PTA for an answer. My understanding is that school parents put in a lot of efforts to organize a nice community event to benefit the school and the children.

      • yeah I kind of saw it that way as well – Afm/Ldd/Llm is probably the same person, bitter that 276 isn’t part of the event. I was just trying to give him/her a chance to elaborate on their gripe.

  7. What a lovely event organized by the parents of Batter Park City!! Look forward to attending again and enjoying great food, great activities and benefiting a great cause, helping fund school activities at PS89!

  8. No one is excluded from this event and everyone is welcome to attend!

    Tickets can be purchase on Eventbrite : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/taste-of-battery-park-city-2019-tickets-54766527157

  9. It appears that even the school that shares a building with PS 89 (IS 289) does not benefit. Guessing PS 89 PTA believes there are not enough proceeds to make it worthwhile to spread between three schools. Adding the IS 289 and PS/IS 276 communities could potentially add to the value proposition for sponsors as well as increase the likelihood of the families in the other schools buying tickets, but PS 89 PTA’s share of the proceeds would likely be less than what they earn operating the event alone.

    Full disclosure, I am a PS/IS 276 parent but I have not been part of discussions between the schools about this event.

  10. Wow, congratulations for flawlessly organizing such an amazing community event for such a great cause.

    Even the weather was perfect!

    Looking forward to next year’s edition. Keep up the good work. I saw PS 89 parents working from 6:00 am this morning to 6:00 pm to make sure everyone else is having a great time!

  11. Don’t forget all the sponsors who participated in the kids corner! Spotlight Kids, Modern Martial Arts, Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Brooklyn Game Lab, and more! Everyone made it a fun filled day.