Where in (not) Tribeca?

Well, I am definitely cheating here, but these were so charming and I just needed to see if I can stump Sonia. So this is not exactly where in Tribeca, but it’s within striking distance and worth a look.




  1. I believe it is 20 Exchange Place

  2. Hi, this is outside the American Stock Exchange facade opposite a trinity Church and yes it’s spectacular! Regards, Sonia Stock

  3. Robert beat me to it, well done! Regards, Sonia Stock

  4. This is located on the American Stock Exchange at I believe 61 Trinity Place opposite Trinity Church? regards, Sonia

  5. Actually its 86 Trinity Place not 61 Trinity Place. On the opposite of this door façade it is just as cool! regards, Sonia Stock

  6. Now that i am outside the building and I see that my guess is not correct! But it is very similar. Hopefully Robert has the right answer and if so well done Robert!, regards, Sonia

  7. Thanks! Finally!