In the News: Greenhouse at your house

Trump Tower may have gotten the headline, but the mayor’s new proposal to have residential and commercial buildings to cut greenhouse emissions would affect all of us living in a building bigger than 25,000 square feet (and that’s just about everyone except townhouses and brownstones). A. sent this story from the Times, though other outlets have tried to digest it with often the same comments from residential owners: “Not fair.” Building owners will be pushed to install new boilers, air conditioning, windows and insulation to reduce carbon emissions 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050, or face fines. “The cost to building owners will be high. Mark Chambers, the director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, said the cumulative cost to building owners to make the upgrades needed to meet the caps would exceed $4 billion. He added that building owners would eventually recoup those costs through lower operating expenses.”

Eater has a round-up of Fidi restaurants and bars, but two are in BPC and one is in Tribeca, so I am not sure exactly how they came up with the list (didn’t look sponsored, but…). Still, it’s a pretty handy post (though I really like The Infatuation too) and I didn’t know about Xi’an or Dorlan’s…

ABC7 reported that as part of the OneNYC plan of the mayor’s, the city will look for ways to create “pedestrian priority” streets in Fidi. The Department of Transportation will work with CB1 and the Downtown Alliance to identify locations, and then look to install treatments this year. The formal study of the area will kick off this summer.

A Forbes story, which reads a lot like a promotion, looks at the new One Wall and the Woolworth building as being the symbols of the transformation of Lower Manhattan: “One Wall Street housed offices until 2014, when it was purchased by Macklowe Properties. The historic building is the largest office-to-condo conversion in the history of New York City and will offer 566 condominiums with 176,000 square feet of amenity space.”



  1. The Eater post was a round up of standout FiDi (defined as everything south of Chambers) restaurants, but was instead a lazy update for a post from 2017. NOT included, but should should be are the following: Crown Shy, Temple Court, Sola Lab, Blue Ribbon Federal Grill, Da Claudio, Felice, Osteria della Pace, Pistillo’s, Il Brigante, Bellini, 10 Corso Como, The Trading Post and the Tuck Room.