Where in Tribeca?

I’m of two minds posting this, but somehow I couldn’t escape it. Just makes me chuckle. I know Sonia knows. Anyone else?





  1. Nope, you trumped- I mean stumped- me…

  2. Yes, I do know where this is especially as I sold in the coop apt. on this street. I have always called this building door, “sticker city nyc” but will as you say let someone else play in the game, all the best, Sonia Stock

  3. Pam, in the photo I just sent to you at tribecacitizen@gmail.com note that the yellow sticker NO MORE LEROY has since been removed from the area when you first took the photo. Have a great weekend, regards, Sonia Stock

  4. It’s on Lispenard, on the north side of the street between Broadway and Church.

    • Gerry got it, but as Robert says, he was indeed trumped by Sonia. Just as Gerry described, north side of Lispenard. And since the No More Leroy sticker is gone, check out the video instead.

  5. Mr. Right is not the only self important Chief of State. When all the world’s deluded Commanders start to seriously compete for title of Rightest of All there will be nothing left.

  6. We need to get back there to put another sticker up! Enjoy the song!