Going rogue on Chambers Street

Did we know 146 Church was called Tribeca Rogue? And is this what constitutes as rogue these days? Yipes. The new building on the narrow corner of Chambers and Church has some sassy marketing going on. Here’s an excerpt, below, and here’s what reads like a sponsored post in Gothamist.

In a sea of glass towers, we’re eight stories tall. We’re lean, mean, and an outlier’s dream. Because Manhattan is populated enough, who wants to see 20 different faces before reaching the sidewalk from their front door? Choose when and where you want to socialize. After all, with our location on the corner of Church Street and Chambers Street, that’s seven different subway lines a mere hop, skip, and a block away. And speaking of corners, we didn’t cut any – every unit gets one. With full-floor units and keyed elevator access, no one’s crowding your personal space. Now, that’s luxury.

The building will have a virtual doorman, and that’s also being pitched as an amenity (as in, no tipping).



  1. With 8 apartments, are they required to have a live in Super? If not, and no doorman, what a fascinating definition of “luxury.”

    • No requirement with 8 apartments.

      City’s Housing Maintenance Code: “a building of 9 apartments or more”

      State’s Multiple Dwelling Law: “a dwelling with thirteen or more tenants”

  2. Wow that was the most annoying and millenial website for a new building I’ve ever seen. Reminded me of the failed pitch in “13 going on 30”.

  3. As far as I can tell from the web site, the courageous individualism of a rogue (a.k.a. “rebel”) denizen of this residence consists of avoiding interaction with other people, not wanting to be “judged”, and being an inconspicuous overconsumer (having an “Amazon Prime” addiction).* That’s all it takes to become James Dean these days.

    * Also required: $.