Shed Report: When one window opens, a door slams shut

Sorry to be such a downer, but just when I got excited to see the light on Warren (I had forgotten that 23 Warren was that bright turquoise) and witnessed another dismantling at 118 Chambers (though they could have given the awning a scrub while it was on the ground), here goes another sidewalk shed going up at 88 West Bway, just south of Chambers. Note the mod flying buttresses! You know things are bad when they start to put money and effort into what is supposed to be a temporary structure…

What else do we have in the sidewalk shed status report?



  1. The shed at 90 West Broadway looks like an Urban Umbrella. (Their offices are at 145 Hudson Street.)

  2. I saw Tamarind have guys installing signs to the scaffolding on both the Franklin and Hudson sides of their space. A waiter told me they’ve been told it will be up for a minimum of 6 months.

  3. At 88 West Broadway those are not flying buttresses but curved knee braces. Flying buttresses are connected to the outside of a wall to prevent it from pushing outward, generally used with a vaulted ceiling.