Seen & Heard: Best landscaped bike path downtown

I had to finesse this one, because I have my loyalties (hello, Hudson River Park) but the finished bike path at The Battery is a pure urban delight — a real treat for cyclists. It meanders through the northern and eastern edge of the park, past some richly textured floral plantings and down to the ferry terminals. Of course there is a price for success: all the pedestrians are hogging it up, so have your bell handy.




  1. Love the pics, words, vibe (though I might have said, Have your bell *and patience* handy). So nice.

    • Thanks, Charlie. And you are right, but you need less of it when the sun is out and you’re not in a hurry.

  2. is it a bike bath or a shared bike/pedestrian path?

    • Just bikes. The pedestrians get the outer rim of the sidewalk, or the interior park paths, which is why I think they like to come on the bike path.

      • Ahh.. long overdue. Too many bike/pedestrian paths in lower manhattan, just asking for accidents to happpen