Nosy Neighbor: Chobani in Target is closed

T. asked in a comment if Chobani is closed or just renovating and the answer is the former. The gal at the checkout on the first floor had the whole story right, but I confirmed. This from John, the Chobani media lead for corporate affairs:

With the lease expiring on our Chobani Tribeca Café, we’ve decided not to renew and close the location. We’ve greatly enjoyed our time in the neighborhood and are grateful to all the fans who have visited us over the years! Right now, we’re focusing our efforts on bringing new platforms and products to the world and bringing better food to more people. Target will be repurposing the current Café space from restaurant to retail, allowing them to showcase more merchandise. Our Chobani Café in SoHo is remaining open, and we hope you pay us a visit at that location very soon!

And this comes from Target corporate:

Target is continuously evaluating the store experience and making changes to ensure we’re meeting the needs and preferences of our guests. The Tribeca store is remodeling an area of the store to make way for an expanded assortment of home and seasonal products that our guests tell us they love. The construction work will take place over the next few months.

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  1. Sad to see it go because it was conveniently located and everything on their menu was tasty, but the location was terrible because there was no street visibility and you had to go way inside Target to find it. The Soho Cafe is much more in line with someplace that invites a visit.

  2. Now only if the SoHo location can close. It brings lot of undesirable traffic to the neighborhood and they do not dispose garbage properly!!

  3. super sad – it was a fabulous place the kids loved going every weekend. They had the best Chili in the winter too. Nice people worked there and we never had a bad meal.

  4. So Tanya thinks that one tiny yogurt store is responsible for an undesirable crowd…hmm, now what crowd would that be Tanya? The kind that is helping employ our upstate brethren at the Chobani factory? What a bizarre comment.