Streetscape: Tribeca Wines moving to West Bway

Tribeca Wines & Spirits – which was kicked out of its building on Greenwich this month along with Dudley’s Paw and Myoptics – is moving to the northeast corner of West Broadway and Worth as soon as their liquor license is transferred by the state liquor authority, said manager Chuck Beltran. So at the moment, it is looking like the end of May. Beltran opened the store in 1996, took a brief break to manage other stores, came back in 2007 and has been running the place ever since.

Orior Furniture will open May 16 at 11 Harrison, south side. (They have no online presence that I can find other than instagram.) UPDATE: The store’s opening will be on May 17, which will coincide with the launch of their website,

Shakespeare & Co. is opening a new store at the Brookfield mall this January. I am a regular at the original across from Hunter College, and it looks and feels like the independent book stores that the city used to have before the B&N era. (Though at 2300 square feet I think this one will be about twice the size as the Hunter one, is my guess.) The café uptown is pre-packaged salads, coffee, sodas and the most excellent gluten free peanut butter cookies. It also has an Espresso Book Machine, where you can print one of thousands of titles on command. The company just opened a store on the UWS and in Philly; one is also scheduled to open this year in the Village at Sixth and 11th Street.

A few new additions to the Brookfield mall, thanks to the keen eye (and the many laps) of the reader known as Hudson River: Monica + Andy is opening up on the second floor of the shopping gallery. The website says it is for all things baby (with an exclamation mark). Their website also said they will be hosting events such as music, art classes, story time, etc. Also spotted by HR: An AT&T store on the WTC concourse next to Grom, and SuitSupply has reopened and expanded. “The men’s is now two bays instead of one. The original bay on the end is still papered over so I guess that will be the women’s.”



  1. Monica + Andy is just a pop-up, AFAIK.

  2. Regarding Suit Supply, I was told that the entire store will be Men’s. The men’s store was doing so well the they decided to take over the women’s space.

  3. You’re right. The last part opened yesterday and it’s also men’s, so the women’s is completely gone.

    • They moved the women’s store up to Soho. So I presume taking over some space in their men’s store on Broome St.

  4. So thrilled about the TriBeCa Wines & Spirits AND the Shakespeare & Co. news. Great news in a sea of empty storefronts.