Destination Ice Cream: Milkcow

If you like vanilla soft serve, then you will love the new ice cream trend out of South Korea that is sweeping the globe (really) and is now installed at 69a Bayard in Chinatown. But you *really* have to like vanilla soft serve because that is all that Milkcow — the name seems a bit like a awkward translation — serves. The company started in 2014 and now has more than 50 franchises across the planet.

There are 13¬†variations on the vanilla theme that then involve the sprinkling or drizzling of toppings. The gals behind the counter said the Cookie and Cream (#10) and Milky Honey (#2) are the most popular, but the Instagram shot demands the Snow Drop or the Mango Tree or the Santorini, which come with a crown of cotton candy. The ice cream is especially creamy — much more so than your average extrusion of soft serve. And clearly they are onto something since the girls said the place has not had a quiet moment since they opened three weeks ago.

The ice cream base is flown in as a solid from California and defrosted here. Definitely worth the stroll over, and there’s always back up at Chinatown Ice Cream down the street.

69a Bayard (Mott and Bowery) (this is the Canadian website)