In the News: Woman struck by car on Murray

The Post reports that a woman was hit while crossing the intersection at Murray and West streets at about 10 p.m. last night and lost her left leg below the knee, according to police and witnesses. The driver, in a car2go rental, was reported to be Travis Funes, 27, of Brooklyn. He also hit another man who was treated at the scene. UPDATE: The Post now has a video and an account from the victim’s fiance. The victim was Sarah Chan, 43.




  1. This is a complete horror. I view this intersection as one of the most dangerous in our neighborhood due to the timing of different turn lights and the visibility with 111 Murray construction site and the cars and high number of taxis turning right from the southbound lane of West Street at high rates of speed on to Murray St. I once chased down a taxi on foot that clipped this NW corner when I was standing on the curb with my wife and baby stroller. He apologized and said he didn’t see us! Please fellow neighbors, always be vigilant at this intersection. Does anyone know which corner of the intersection this accident occurred on?

  2. …and NYPD ticket sting on cyclists and peds in the vicinity imminent.

  3. I completely agree, this is such a frightening intersection. Too many lanes going in too many directions.

  4. As problematic as the intersection may be, let’s not lose sight of the fact the driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

    • Excellent point.

      Let’s not lose sight of the fact that willful ignorance and blindness to an event can often make us feel better about a terrible situation while simultaneously requiring zero action on our individual part and giving us an air of moral superiority.

      I mean the guy was drunk right?

  5. I just learned that I know the woman who was hurt. She is absolutely lovely – and in no way has the financial resources to deal with this and there will be no real insurance for a 27 year old driving a rental car, which makes this a No Fault case.

    Please contribute to her GoFundMe campaign


  6. The drunk driver is solely responsible for the carnage. There was even a safety agent on duty helping people cross the intersection, and he too was hit by the drunk driver. Details from the BPC Broadsheet:

    “Friday evening, around 10:00 pm, an alleged drunk driver turned from Murray Street on West Street, and struck two pedestrians. One was Travis Frank-Martain, a safety agent, employed by Goldman Sachs, to escort people through the congested intersection. The car hit him with enough force to throw him into the air, but he escaped with minor injuries.
    Less fortunate was Sarah Chan, whom Mr. Frank-Martain had helped through the intersection seconds earlier. She was struck with sufficient force to sever her left foot. Both Mr. Frank-Martain and Ms. Chan were taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital, where doctors had to amputate her leg, below the knee. The driver of the car, Travis Funes, was arrested at the scene and charged with drunk driving and vehicular assault.”

  7. I just made a donation — I hope your friend is able to recover.

    Speaking of West St. accidents, does anyone know what happened to Sherman Harrison, the guy who drove 100 mph up West St., caused an accident that incinerated another driver, then casually hopped out of his car and walked his dog up Hubert St. This was in late December and I witnessed the aftermath — and I remember it every time I pass by. I hope he’s still locked up; there was a rumor that his sister was a famous singer and i’m worried she was able to spring him out of jail.