Where in Tribeca? Mother’s Day edition

I feel guilty once again for promoting graffiti, but could not resist this given the date. Sending greetings to all the moms out there on Mother’s Day eve. Here’s hoping your kids aren’t out there tagging the neighborhood. (#momgoals) Is the apology for the graffiti itself? Or something more?

UPDATE: I guess I sat on this one too long: I took the picture in February, and Sonia notes that it’s already sprayed over. This is her photo from this week:



  1. Good Morning Pam, this used to be on the wall of the Warren Street and West Broadway parking lot but it has since been painted over. I took a photo of this back in June 2018 because I love some of the graffiti out there in Tribeca and NYC. I will send a photo to you when it appeared with the hand on the right of the words “Sorry Mom” back then and today as the hand to the right is still on the wall with a black car blocking it. There is new graffiti covering it over now if you take a look. I think the photo you have may be an old shot of it? with regards, Sonia Stock

    • Sonia! You are, of course, right, but I took this photo on Feb. 11. Thought it was still there! Will look tomorrow…