Franklin Street station to close for weeks this summer

There will be no UPTOWN service at the Franklin Street 1 station starting June 10 through July while the MTA installs flood protection at the station. (Thanks to M. for spotting the notice.) The uptown platform will be exit-only during that time. That means hoofing it to Canal or riding backwards to Chambers.

The video above is pretty fun to watch if you are into complex municipal projects or are a groupie of Joe Lhota (or both!). It shows what the MTA plans to do at the station, in reaction to damage at stations across the city after Sandy: installing a “flex gate” on one of the staircases on the uptown side. Said a spokeswoman, “We have been identifying locations in the system that are vulnerable to water intrusion to target for these types of flood mitigation projects.”




  1. Dogville pop up is now open at 371 Broadway.

  2. It starts June 10

  3. Something is not clear to me in regards to flood protections. If they prevent water from going into one place, does it not go into another? If they build flood protections (the Big U) around Lower Manhattan and it ends at the north end of Battery Park City, what happens north of Chambers? According to the flood map, the area around Franklin, North Moore and White will basically become an inlet. We know this from Hurricane Sandy. Doesn’t the design of the Big U exacerbate that? Further, If water doesn’t flood into the subway tunnel, will the excess not be taken up in basements and subbasements?

    No one has been able to answer my questions.

    • Good point. In NE PA, dikes and levees were built along the Susquehanna River in some towns. Other towns resisted. All that happens when the river floods is that the flooding in the towns that didn’t build dikes is much more severe.

    • I would think that Ideally adding parkland, enhanced tree pits, downspout planters, permeable concrete, and permeable asphalt as part of the Big U should help divert the water into the ground, etc., and not just divert it to flood other surface locations.

      • James, I am sure there is truth to what you say, but there will be varying types of flood protections including levees of sorts, and that will not exist north of Chambers Street. Further, the ground can only absorb so much. It concerns me that no one seems to be addressing this. If what you say is true, let them explain the whys and the wherefores of it.

  4. Thrilled that the flood protector installations are making their way around the city. A big sign of relief and great use of our tax $’s!

  5. The uptown station entry stairs is now closed. If you look at it from down the block, you can see that it looks like they have removed the green metal canopy over the stairs and put plastic sheeting in its place. Is this another drive-by removal of a prominent Tribeca neighborhood feature?

    • probably. i still miss the west broadway entrance to the a/c that disappeared without notification about 15 years ago.

  6. … and whatever happened to the promise to return the police horse stables back to the neighborhood?

    • 9/11. The War on Terror. God bless America. Security theater.

      • Need a lot more security these days given the threats on our subways and around the city. Miss the Bloomberg days immensely. Can we get the 1st precinct to patrol our neighborhood???? Also, what happened to the supposed crackdown on the counterfeit sellers on Broadway and Lispenard? That problem has only gotten worse. One of the “sellers” attack d a tourist last weekend. Scary!!!