Baked Tribeca is closing

This is real blow to the neighborhood, and to anyone with a well-informed sweet tooth. So sorry to see them go. This sucks. Here’s the statement from one of the owners, Matt Lewis. They opened five years ago.



  1. Is it Baked or Just Baked? These are two different businesses. If it Baked, then your picture doesn’t match.

  2. Thumbnail picture is “Just Baked” not “Baked” – different stores. Sad to see them go (either one).

  3. The home page picture is of Just Baked Nowakowski on West Broadway near Chambers, not Baked on Church Street near White Street.

  4. We are so sorry to hear this and doubly appreciative Baked will be at Taste of Tribeca tomorrow! Make sure you go by and have one of their delicious oatmeal sandwich cookies!

  5. I honestly can’t believe it lasted this long. The cookies were shockingly bad, and considering Arcade, Billy’s, Mamaan and Grandaisy are two blocks away it’s not a surprise.

    I can remember very few times in my life where I ever threw out desserts, but more than once at Baked I did because they just were not good.

  6. Love that place and always has people in it! Have to feel that changing NYC landscape is a nice way of saying rent is too high. That’s the issue in Tribeca, only the chains will survive. Used to be nail salons, banks and dry cleaners…now it’s chains who can afford the rent.

  7. The coffee was burned every sidle time I went over 5 years. The wait times for food were obscene. Orders were constantly screwed up. The staff was grouchy and rude. They in no way attempted to be a part of the community. Hopefully a place that takes pride in their craft and in a more positive atmosphere replaces it.

  8. So sad to see them go. One of my favorite cake spots in our hood. They had really good lunch options too :(

  9. The original Baked in Brooklyn was and is wonderful. This store suffered from inconsistent food, an indifferent staff, and a terrible layout. Behind the counter, there was plenty of staff space. In front of the counter, people waiting in line and people trying to leave were always bumping into each other. Another foot of space might have saved the place.