More bad news: Torly Kid will close mid-summer

Some (more) sad news today: Carol Adams has decided to close Torly Kid, the boutique kids clothing store she has had on Hudson and Duane for 15 years. The decision was a financial one – she was not at all ready to move on. “It’s been a tough couple of years in here,” she said. “I’d love to stay but I don’t think there’s as much demand either for boutiques or small business.”

Adams said she’s watched business decline significantly over the past three years, and watched other little stores around her close as well (she sited Dudley’s, Myoptics and Tribeca Wine & Spirits as a prime example). The result, she figures, is less street traffic.

“These are family businesses that draw traffic — in combination, all together. When they close, fewer and fewer people come – they can’t get everything done in one place any more.”

But, she has not a single regret. She is going to try to keep her store in Brooklyn – the lease is up at the end of September so she will make a game-time decision then. This store will be open till the end of June, with the 10th annual Hula Hoop Contest & Tween Party – sales, festivities and a closing celebration — scheduled for June 1 from noon to 3.

“I love it here so much I didn’t want to go, but it’s time,” said Adams. “We are so grateful to the Tribeca community for the overwhelming support, memories and laughs throughout the years.”

See Erik’s Spotlight Q&A with Adams here. Plus you can still shop online here and check out Adam’s kid-centric travel services, Torly Travels.




  1. A true loss for the neighborhood.

  2. Sorry to see them go. I could always count on them when I needed a special gift for the kids in my life. Good luck Carol.

    • Thank you for the kind words! We will miss the neighborhood. So many great memories. Visit us in our Brooklyn shop this summer!

  3. Oh my! I will be at loss on where to find the best fitting pants ever and the neatest t-shirts for my boy! I’ll be visiting you in Brooklyn for sure.

  4. Carol and all her staff were delightful and incredibly helpful. She had a small store that was chock full of treasures. So sorry to see this news.

  5. So sad! It’s been our top store for years . Amazing owner and beautiful cool clothes that I couldn’t find anywhere els…. we will miss it so much!