Where in Tribeca?

I thought we had a woodland creatures theme going on here, till I spotted the chameleon? lizard? And what exactly is that guy above? I was thinking squirrel till I saw the tail…



  1. I am not sure, but are they part of the Woolworth Building?

  2. Hi Pam, this is located at 140 West Street on the bronze door of the original 1927 Landmark Art Deco At & T (Verizon building ), which is also apart of 100 Barclay the 33- storey condominium. These nature images appear all over this building if you take a closer look. It is a pretty special building with an unbelievable lobby entrance. Definitely worth a look if you like historic buildings of this nature, regards, Sonia Stock

    • Right you are!! Those brass details are so clever and fun. They should make replicas for the folks that live there.

  3. Sonia- I am so curios about how you know every single one. What is your background?

  4. Ruben, you are correct that is me in the article a while back and to answer Jenny’s question dated May 20th I am in residential/commercial real estate and work for Douglas Elliman located at 140 Franklin Street in Tribeca as a real estate sales agent. Hence I spend an incredible amount of time walking the streets of Tribeca and as I also live here I remember things that most people would probably just walk by and pay no attention to especially to the minor details of the buildings that surround us. It is no secret I put in a lot of hours walking and jogging. Above all I have always liked a challenge! If for some reason I might not know the “Where in Tribeca” I would simply never give up until I found it. I call it the “Winston Churchill approach” but that might have something to do with being English born and my upbringing.. Hope that answers your question Jenny and Reuben.