Giant concert venue coming to 123 Greenwich

Live Nation (billions — yes — in ticket sales and concert promotions) and Legends Hospitality (Yankee Stadium, Pier 17, One World Observatory and dozens of other huge venues) are proposing an 80,000-square-foot entertainment venue for 123 Greenwich at Thames — two blocks south of the World Trade Center — in the (abandoned) American Stock Exchange Building. The space would take up two levels, with the entrance farther away from the Greek Orthodox church. The concert hall would hold 3,000 people. (The rendering above is of the Trinity Place side; my photo below is of the Greenwich Street side.)

You can see more on the history of the building on Tom Miller’s site here. And more on that soon in its own post…

Legends Hospitality also has plans for a 35,000-square-foot food court at 28 Liberty, the Chase building.

The Community Board’s licensing committee saw them briefly last month and will review the proposal again in June. Despite the weird music editing, the promotional video for 123 Greenwich is kind of fun to watch.



  1. Tight location and not enough infrastructure to support it…unless they open the street grid at WTC and that’s a pipedream…will ruin the neighborhood for people living within 5 to 10 blocks like MSG…

    • I’m not crazy about the concept of turning the building into a concert venue, but I disagree with the neighborhood comparison to MSG. The Garden sits on top of Penn Station, where each day 650,000 people use it to come and go, many thousands using the street entrances. Depending on the event, the Garden capacity ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 people. Plus sandwiched in between the Garden and Penn Station is the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden with a concert capacity of 5,600. I have arrived at the Garden for a concert on a Friday night, while there was a smaller concert at the Hulu, plus the Friday crush of people going home through Penn Station. Not fun and I don’t even have agoraphobia. Plus you have the hotel across the street, and all the stores along 7th & 8th Avenues and 34th Street, plus all of the bars and restaurants. The proposed venue would have a capacity of only 3,000 people which would disperse easily compared to the neighborhood around MSG.