Seen & Heard: J/M/Z station gets its closeup

N. sent along this fabulous video of the dance troupe Aalokam (here on FB) shot in the Chambers Street J/M/Z station and the underground steps of the Municipal Building.


Finish that sentence! With the former Sym’s clothing company now making real estate headlines as it converts its properties in Fidi (namely 77 Greenwich), a commenter on this Crain’s story added the video above, and I just had to include it here. The hair, the accent and of course, the tagline that is still etched in my brain: An educated consumer is our best customer.

Seen: A sneak peak through the diamond construction window show the gardens at 111 Murray (looking kind of suburban, like my Aunt Eleanor’s backyard) taking shape. It seems like when the construction fence comes down, these will be right along the sidewalk?

If you are wondering how Amazon Prime is so efficient at getting packages to your door in a day, here’s a little insight. Readers have sent in reports of similar scenes – though without the same staffing (read: packages just sitting unattended on the sidewalk) – on Broadway as well. Maybe this is how they do it without having the Post Office’s real estate or FedEx’s trucks??



  1. The Amazon dumping ground happens EVERY day on Greenwich. No matter the weather. Packages getting thrown out onto the sidewalk and in the street. Even though I’ve seen it so many times, it still seems to catch me off guard!

  2. Wonderful page Pam! The Chambers Street video is a blast and I completely trust that there was a major sweep before those lovely dancers took their shoes off!

    I had read/heard that the former Syms building was going to be a music venue – wouldn’t that be nice. But I guess I read/heard wrong…

    111 Murray Street gardens are lovely and I will make a point of walking by and taking it all in.

    Amazon Delivery Teams: same thing outside my office but billionaire having literal street deliveries aside I love to see the teams in tandem. Well oiled machine and lots of beautiful faces.