New sweetgreen on Chambers opens Friday

The new sweetgreen outlet on Chambers just east of West Broadway will open on Friday at 10:30a till 10p. This iteration is mostly the same as the others (which I think is the point) but has a lot more seating than the one on Greenwich and Hubert — and SGs in general. (It’s actually quite cute.) They will also launch their “early summer” menu there on Friday and at the other stores in the city.

In 11 years the chain has grown to 95 outlets across the country — 15 will open in 2019 alone — with a value of over $1 billion. (See a good summary in this CNBC story or more from Eater.) The first location was founded in 2007 by three Georgetown students in DC — while they were still in school! — with a single tiny store on M Street in DC. (That’s it in the promotional video below). Within a year and a half, they had opened two more stores, and it exploded from there.

Friday’s proceeds will go to Foodcorps, a Portland and NYC-based non-profit that partners with schools to teach about nutrition and revamp their cafeteria offerings.

Also: check out the framed art in the back. It’s pointillism done by artist Carly Berlin, whose studio is in Tribeca, and it’s pretty cool. A sample is below from her Instagram.




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  1. Great. I work nearby and just what we need – ANOTHER salad place. Yes sarcasm.