Just Baked! Nowakowski has closed for renovations

As they say in consulting, two points make a line. And now we have two shuttered bakeries in the neighborhood. Just Baked! Nowakowski, at 88 West Broadway just south of Chambers, seemed to be cleaned out, however their Instagram account says they are closed for renovations — just eight months after opening. (The phone line seemed disconnected and no one has answered emails through a couple different methods, so I could not confirm.)

The shop, which opened last October, is the first of what was to be — and may still be? — a series of 50 bakeries opening here in the city over the next five years. Another downtown outpost is scheduled to open in the Oculus this summer, on the south concourse balcony level. The chain comes from Warsaw where the family has 50 shops. UPDATE: There is now a marshal’s notice on the door, which looks like they are being evicted by the landlord.



  1. “renovations” at a store less than a year old? highly unlikely.

  2. Highly unlikely indeed. Their new outlet at the Oculus has been “coming soon” since last Fall with no sign of any movement. A second new outlet appeared as “coming soon” at 4 WTC, but again, no real sign of progress.

    • Can’t really expect transparency or truth from a company that just opened, yet advertises themselves as being around since 1925.

  3. Oh no! They did a chocolate-cherry thing that was absolutely irresistible.

  4. Walked by this morning and there is a “seized” sign on the door.

  5. There is a Marshal’s Legal Possession sign on the door, sounds like someone didn’t pay their bills.

  6. I wanted it to be good, but it wasn’t. Poor planning, bad offerings, poor service = closing after 8 months. This was obvious conclusion after first visit.

  7. I worked for Just Baked since they open, at first it felt promising but then we started to see the true colors of the owner. He knew nothing about the business (food hospitality) and even less about the NYC laws and guidelines. He (Tomasz Nowakowski) took down our social security numbers and made it same like he was taxing us but in reality he was paying everyone whatever he wanted and doing god knows what with our information. Tomasz still has not paid his employees, he owes us a lot money, but we don’t know what happened. He didn’t provide no one with a explanation that the store was closing down and his phone number doesn’t work. I think he ran off to Poland and I don’t think is fair.