Whole Foods ending van deliveries outside 11-block area

Whole Foods is ending its van delivery service as of June 3 and instead pushing customers to use the Prime Now app if they want groceries brought to them outside the “walking zone.” The store will still do on-foot deliveries between Worth to the north, Fulton to the south and Broadway to the east (I assume they will go to BPC, though the gal at customer service didn’t have that info).

The same is true for another eight of the total of 12 stores in the city: Brooklyn, Bowery, Union Square, Chelsea, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Columbus Circle and East 57th Street.

This is about as un-New York a move you could make — in fact the customer service rep I spoke to didn’t even really understand the difference between ordering online (Fresh Direct model) and shopping yourself and getting delivery. I’ve gotten two alerts from readers already, one of whom is rallying neighbors in the northern part of the district to complain to the mothership. “It really is a life changer,” she notes. Though it could be an opportunity for some enterprising youths commandeering one of those bikes with the cargo hold on the front…

This is the statement from the media department: “WFM team members will still be making deliveries for customers who live near the select stores and within the “walking zones,” ranging between a 5 to 10 block radius. For customers who are not within the walking zones, customers with a Prime membership can place orders on Prime Now. Prime Now for delivery and pick up is available in more than 88 metros.”



  1. Why is anyone surprised? The van delivery guys were employees. Prime now or whatever it is called is delivered by gig contractors. Amazon at its finest.

  2. This sucks!!! Primenow does not deliver from whole foods same day after 5p…loved shopping late afternoon then having delivery for larger shops!! Back to Fresh Direct or PeaPod. And no answer on BPC from the checkout person today…