Seen & Heard: Danny was ill, but is recovering

HEARD: Danny Castro, who has sold icees on the corner of Chambers and Greenwich for more than 26 years, has been very ill but is recovering, the gal at Delicioso Coco Helado told me. Since I set my seasonal clock by Danny’s emergence in the spring and retirement each fall, it was a shock to the system to see that empty corner all these weeks. After a call to the Bronx, I learned that he *may* make it out later this season, but it sounds like he had a rough winter. I sent him our best wishes through the company. The Trib did a nice Q&A with Danny in 2017.

Our Battery Park City correspondent sends these photos of the West Thames pedestrian bridge being delivered by crane from a barge. See more on the bridge here in the Broadsheet.

Singer/songwriter Terre Roche (love!!) will lead a weekly singing program at Wagner Park this week through June 28 (but no program on June 21). Hours are 7 to 8:30p.

The Waterfront Alliance has a summary of sailing opportunities around the harbor this upcoming season, including sails on Clipper City, 158-foot, two-masted schooner docked at the marina in Battery Park.

Seen: a dead bird on Warren Street. This may seem like a weird post, but other than a smushed pigeon on the street, I don’t think I have ever seen a dead bird in New York City, and certainly not one as sweet as this. Plus I am hoping someone can identify him…



  1. The bird struck a building’s window.

  2. It’s the season…..Last May, I witnessed a bird falling on middle of the sidewalk after hitting a newly washed window, on Park Place. The stunned little creature landed flapping. As I looked for some cardboard to move it to the side a woman on her phone, (picture phone in hand held in front of her face oblivious to anything else), stepped on it, without even noticing that soft little creature under foot, and there was the immediate demise of a little creature. It was a Vireo, sort of green and golden.

  3. Can you find out if Danny needs anything so we can help him get back on his feet?

  4. Likely a Warbler, either a Yellow-rumped or Yellow-throated…

    Apparently sleeping..

  5. If you find an injured bird after a window strike etc. you can bring them to or contact the Wild Bird Fund.

    They’re great and we’ve have brought a few birds we have discovered (we live next to a glass bldg near the river)

    • I second this recommendation. I follow them on Instagram and it is amazing to see the work they do. They are located on Columbus Ave. in the 80’s. There is a short video on their website about what to do if you find an injured bird. Well worth watching.

    • yes, is wonderful! I saw an obviously stunned/frozen/near death tiny bird (a thrush apparently) on river terrace a few months ago, I googled, found the bird rescue and bundled him up and took him up there–a few hours in a heated incubator, TLC and a few flight tests later they released him happily flying away in central park. Now I’m aways on the lookout for birds who need help.

    • It’s a great place. I brought an injured pigeon there and they took care of its wing.

  6. Oh my I see dead birds all the time walking my dog. Also little birds and pigeons who sit pensively and barely move and you know they are having a hard time. My husband and I have nursed several back to health.
    When I used to buy theatre tixs at the WTC birds would crash into the tower all the time. Urban life can be very hard on our feathered friends.