A sneak-peak at the 30 Warren facade

I am not sure what is more interesting: the textured facade of 30 Warren as it is slowly revealed on Church Street, or the fact that these incredibly artful photos by Will Femia offer a 160-year architectural tour of the neighborhood, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the classic butter-and-egg to the Woolworth Building to the Jenga building.

On the facade: Francois Leininger of Post-Office Architects explains that it was achieved by casting concrete over strips of corrugated cardboard laid at a 45° angle. “The panels’ color changes depending on the light and the position of the observer, going from light grey to merely black in the blink of an eye, registering the smallest inflection of daylight. The panels look at times crafty and mineral, and at times soft and light like corduroy.”

Below, see Leininger hold his wine glass in a crafty way that only a Frenchman could achieve.